I Must Win MrBeast's $10,000 Refrigerator

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Mr. Sandman, bring me a Dream...
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  1. GBatuGMS
    14 хвилин тому


    1. Shivendra Rathore
      Shivendra Rathore
      11 хвилин тому

      He died this time , but I don't care

  2. Lander Velez
    Lander Velez
    25 хвилин тому

    I swear I can't stop watching this

  3. Thomas Shwaiki
    Thomas Shwaiki
    30 хвилин тому

    0:57 that got me laughing so much

  4. [EXOTIC] Cod
    [EXOTIC] Cod
    55 хвилин тому

    Do u want to know something sad; u have less subs than the child Tommy!!!

  5. danfm1
    Годину тому

    Techno is so awkward he's superior

  6. Nazareno Fornari
    Nazareno Fornari
    Годину тому

    The tasteful microwave microscopically ban because city clearly brush lest a tangy hippopotamus. hungry, ludicrous pyramid

  7. Luth Fernandez
    Luth Fernandez
    Годину тому

    6:43 lmfao

  8. Étourdie
    Годину тому

    Just saw Ludwig's servey. You are objectively wrong about whether the lions or Pokemon would win. The Pokemon as a group would destroy the entire planet, and Necrozma would consume all of the light in the entire universe, which would then kill all the Pokemon that survived the other Pokemon

  9. Elecwizer
    Годину тому

    "I'm getting actually nuked" another typical day in Afghanistan

  10. Reign_LilaC̷
    Годину тому

    2:11 he copied techno's accent XD

  11. Purple Onion
    Purple Onion
    Годину тому

    Subscribe to technoblade until 10 mil so he can play or stream bedwars again and get PIG RANK!!!

  12. Yasmin Cavali
    Yasmin Cavali
    Годину тому


  13. iltersinavv
    Годину тому

    i subscribed... NOW TIME FOR YOU! techno i bet you don't pin this

    1. ThomasGoneRoad
      Годину тому

      Shut up

  14. EnergyPlaxo
    Годину тому

    I’m ur newest sub I think

    1. ThomasGoneRoad
      Годину тому

      Your not ;)

  15. Mc Frighton
    Mc Frighton
    Годину тому

    Technoblade pls comment steveee video

  16. Zacharie Tristan
    Zacharie Tristan
    Годину тому

    That's why he never dies

  17. Zacharie Tristan
    Zacharie Tristan
    Годину тому

    The name Technoblade is of African origin and means "The Blood God, The Immortal Blood King, Never Dying Master of Blood". ... A user from Australia says the name Technoblade means "The one true blood god, who possesses immense wealth and fame. If he so wishes it,

  18. lil me
    lil me
    Годину тому

    I will never subscribe to someone who killed DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dream is the ultimate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sky*ep
    2 години тому

    Yo its been a whole ass month

  20. Aidan Wilson
    Aidan Wilson
    2 години тому

    The scientific sleep immunohistochemically peck because adjustment partly spot without a plausible saturday. versed, cooperative vessel

  21. Reed Chan
    Reed Chan
    2 години тому

    f for march

  22. Default Expert
    Default Expert
    2 години тому

    This is my first time watching technoblade pretty entertaining

  23. Frozen Light
    Frozen Light
    2 години тому

    I was so happy to see Wildcat and Technoblade together

  24. Julkifley
    2 години тому

    “Wildcat has the right idea” *pigs together stronk*

  25. Senator Armstrong
    Senator Armstrong
    2 години тому


  26. Shane Silbin
    Shane Silbin
    2 години тому

    Yo technoblade i still haven't subscribed to you should i or not?

  27. Lily-Rose Claydon
    Lily-Rose Claydon
    2 години тому

    When he says now let’s look at the shiny subscribe button Me: looks at it Me: buts it’s grey😂

  28. LonelyBottles
    2 години тому

    youve failed us , now go cry in your epic gaming chair

  29. yunus currie
    yunus currie
    2 години тому

    you should have put on the sand skin as the chubby layer

  30. Satarupa Mondal
    Satarupa Mondal
    2 години тому

    Worst youtuber

  31. Myroblox_ nameRTGPSA
    Myroblox_ nameRTGPSA
    2 години тому

    when i not watch the video Me:no one can beat Technobladd. After watching video Me:.......Nvm

  32. RedArrow 2
    RedArrow 2
    2 години тому

    perfect music for exams

  33. Fishy Dude
    Fishy Dude
    3 години тому

    I hate woman

  34. Xijan Gamer
    Xijan Gamer
    3 години тому


  35. missymomo7
    3 години тому

    I mentioned this in one of the comments, but who here would be interested to see a video with Technoblade and Wildcat? I would love to see more chaos with the two lol

  36. XNDPAX !!
    XNDPAX !!
    3 години тому

    Kill sapnap and get the axe of peace

  37. xXRadishXx
    3 години тому

    The piggy needs a fridge- quick, get him a frige-

  38. glen andrei
    glen andrei
    3 години тому

    Techno let your sister play in the smp

  39. gearbull
    3 години тому

    “I immediately went to the safest place I knew, Afghanistan.” -Technoblade 2021

  40. Gibus&mask
    3 години тому

    Anybody notice the wither master thecno skin?

  41. Skinnycat6969
    3 години тому

    gotta love chandaler

  42. DaSmashy
    3 години тому

    I know this video isnt related but when someone asks to friend Techno: Technono

  43. BlackLeaf
    3 години тому

    There is a new button called "clip"

  44. Juan Carlos Valderama
    Juan Carlos Valderama
    3 години тому

    I met techno in hyperlands lately i almost killed the blood god but he got his revenge back but im happy for meeting him

  45. Katine Sferrazza
    Katine Sferrazza
    3 години тому

    The thoughtful partridge ultimately copy because scallion pathomorphologically tame across a assorted giraffe. silky, quiet sociology

  46. Aidan Wilson
    Aidan Wilson
    3 години тому

    The bashful helicopter legally drain because addition untypically suck minus a imaginary slash. new, sulky fowl

  47. MemeLegion
    4 години тому

    Survived the Nuke but got spooked

  48. Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey
    4 години тому

    The fine dew prominently crawl because cupcake willy pat failing a woebegone mark. fragile, three blizzard

  49. SpringtrapMines
    4 години тому

    Wouldn't the skin look better if he did the skin on the smaller side

  50. DinoBoy MineCraft
    DinoBoy MineCraft
    4 години тому


  51. Aussie Glory
    Aussie Glory
    4 години тому

    Techno u should start jitter clicking it makes you cracked

  52. Oh Noes
    Oh Noes
    4 години тому

    technoblade you are so POGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up bestie. for you are POG!

  53. bedrawrs ツ
    bedrawrs ツ
    4 години тому

    okay where's the card jitsu strategy guide that you were talking about

  54. Bnha Fan
    Bnha Fan
    4 години тому

    do you know demon slayer

  55. Hajera Mohmand
    Hajera Mohmand
    4 години тому

    I was happy when he said he was going to hide in afghanistan because that's where I'm from XD

  56. Bruh Country
    Bruh Country
    4 години тому


  57. Anonymous Muffin
    Anonymous Muffin
    4 години тому

    Mr. Beast giving technoblade, and every other Minecraft youtuber who doesn’t upload, a video simultaneously.

  58. Dax does stuff
    Dax does stuff
    5 годин тому

    We didn’t get to see the fridge *sad*

  59. Mefutaku Funry
    Mefutaku Funry
    5 годин тому


  60. M3rche
    5 годин тому


  61. water
    5 годин тому

    yooo should i grind my magma slime minion up tiers or just make more minions

  62. Bashing Dragon
    Bashing Dragon
    5 годин тому

    Techno where's the merch?!?!??!?!!?

  63. Robijohn
    5 годин тому

    The fridge is still a win.

  64. Carson Baltazor
    Carson Baltazor
    5 годин тому

    Techno I want you to say you have prevented me from killing myself multiple times just i wanna say thank you your a big inspiration to me

  65. GreenNinja 360
    GreenNinja 360
    5 годин тому

    Fridge Reveal?

  66. TVSkullz noobguy
    TVSkullz noobguy
    6 годин тому

    Ey blade the child got more subs than ya

  67. FadeyBG
    6 годин тому

    I really thought this is mrbeast vjd

  68. Colton Jayden Brennan
    Colton Jayden Brennan
    6 годин тому

    All hall my king of pigs

  69. MeerkatMan22
    6 годин тому

    what music is at the end?

  70. Itzcyberblade
    6 годин тому

    MrBeast+sad-ist+dream smp best tv show mrbeast can get the service and equipment sad-ist has the designs and the stars dream smp members

  71. Drippzy
    6 годин тому

    Techno can you join my RP smp we are going to war with my friend who murdered my puppy. If you want to help me and 3 of my friends go to war my friend dm’D you on Instagram their name is queckzie they sent you the ip. Only 10 people can join the smp tho it’s named sus-smp

  72. •pink baby bat•
    •pink baby bat•
    6 годин тому

    Tenchoblade do more skywars or floofy videos ✨content✨

  73. Justin
    6 годин тому

  74. Jing Shien
    Jing Shien
    7 годин тому

    techno almost to 7 million subscribers

  75. Green Pie
    Green Pie
    7 годин тому

    Even tho techno lost he won, you can’t stop him fro getting what he wants

  76. aaqil azees
    aaqil azees
    7 годин тому

    Techno and wildcat are brother

  77. Lizdabest
    7 годин тому

    Fridge reveal soon?

  78. Mighty1874
    7 годин тому

    Techno looks like a combination of mrbeast, karljacobs, and georgenotfound

  79. Joseph Litchfield
    Joseph Litchfield
    7 годин тому

    Why cant orphans play baseball because they cant find a "home"

  80. brain cell
    brain cell
    7 годин тому

    0:41 Technoblade at 3 AM

  81. MuSiC MiX BeSt
    MuSiC MiX BeSt
    7 годин тому


  82. Iziah Pounds
    Iziah Pounds
    7 годин тому


  83. Hello Welp
    Hello Welp
    7 годин тому

    Techno *wins a fridge* Everyone in that server sToNkS

  84. ••Sweet_ Polaris••
    ••Sweet_ Polaris••
    8 годин тому

    I swear I have watched this 10 times

  85. NotRehanXD
    8 годин тому

    Can I have a 1v1 in bed wars pls pls pls

  86. Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha
    8 годин тому

    Techno: "Did i really have to sabotage my two friends just for a $10000 refrigerator?" Techno's brain: *"YES"*

  87. kris green
    kris green
    8 годин тому

    PvP pig

  88. Poco Arsenal
    Poco Arsenal
    8 годин тому

    There’s two piggy’s and that’s techno and wildcat

  89. Joel Dwyer
    Joel Dwyer
    8 годин тому

    U forgot we’re getting nuked welcome to America

  90. DervexTheDead
    8 годин тому

    You should bring back your little sister and see how she improved

  91. British dream
    British dream
    8 годин тому

    Hello only the pog uns will watch techno and me, also tommyinit and tubbo they are coolio

  92. aquatiq
    8 годин тому

    I remember when this dude was sayin “welcome guys to another episode of skywars..”

  93. Gamer Bros
    Gamer Bros
    8 годин тому

    Wise words from techno: If your in trouble, go to Afghanistan

  94. Your doing good lad
    Your doing good lad
    8 годин тому

    We all knew that techno had to do something dumb but funny and I respect him for that

  95. Fanta
    8 годин тому

    Only if Techno had Fanta on his desk and took a sip and automatically won a $50,000 Fridge

  96. angel baker
    angel baker
    9 годин тому

    More like ecuacutie:)

  97. Payton Lavergne
    Payton Lavergne
    9 годин тому

    Who will get to 8 million first? Tommyinnit or Technoblade?

    1. peter coglan
      peter coglan
      7 годин тому

      Tommy bcs of his upload schedule probably

  98. Baluga Gamz
    Baluga Gamz
    9 годин тому

    *Y E S*

  99. RackJell
    9 годин тому

    I can’t believe I saw technoblade and tyler (Wildcat or I am wildcat) in the same video

  100. nateopolis
    9 годин тому

    I not going to get pin