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David Dobrik Too
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Super excited for this!! Its our first version of our new app!! Thank you to everyone that is a part of this!!
Executive Producer: David Dobrik
Executive Producer: Mark Romanek
Executive Producer/Producer: Krista Worby
Executive Producer: Daniel Liss
Producers: Natalie Mariduena and Jason Nash
A Translucent Media Production in association with Dispo, Inc and More Media
Directed by: Mark Romanek
Prosthetic Makeup Designer: Kazu Hiro
Director of Photography: Alexis Zabe
Starring: David Dobrik and Ever Powell
Editors: David Dobrik and Robert Duffy
Assistant Editors: Joseph Vulpis and Jason Nash
Color Grade: Stefan Sonnenfeld with Company 3
Visual Effects: Scissor Films
Production Design: Sam Neidenbach
1st AC: Bas Tiele
2nd AC: Emily Hock
Gaffer: Nghia Khuu
Grip: Isaiah Reza-Soto
Makeup Artist: Vincent Van Dyke and Thomas Floutz
Makeup Assistant: Gwen Ramsey
Production Manager: Cat McCabe
Production Assistant: Johnny Mojica


  1. David Dobrik Too
    David Dobrik Too
    День тому

    yes, i had them add a little to the hairline!! a guy can dream

    1. Hush Whisper
      Hush Whisper
      4 години тому

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    2. Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
      Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
      4 години тому

    3. kiki lee
      kiki lee
      4 години тому

      i love the og home screen of dispo but i like the update too

    4. Linda Halvorsen
      Linda Halvorsen
      4 години тому


    5. JacksonIsZenner
      5 годин тому

      @Sherry S 210 how

  2. Game Grumps Shorts
    Game Grumps Shorts
    3 години тому

    live in the moment a hallmark commercial

  3. سبحان الله
    سبحان الله
    3 години тому

    Hello, I am from Syria and I need help to transfer money to me

  4. Tay
    3 години тому

    missing my man Jason..

  5. Amanda Kuhl
    Amanda Kuhl
    3 години тому

    Why did this make me emotional

  6. joshua benny
    joshua benny
    3 години тому

    rip to that one guy who just woke up from a comma hehe

  7. Richy Random
    Richy Random
    3 години тому

    That happiest moment of life thank u happy year of life 💓 💖

  8. Gengery 46
    Gengery 46
    3 години тому

    my question is... does he still wear the green wrist band

  9. CarraElisabeth
    3 години тому

    Love that I thought I was gonna laugh at this but ended up crying 🥲🥲🥲

  10. POW3R103
    3 години тому

    where was dom

  11. Sameshia McClennan
    Sameshia McClennan
    3 години тому

  12. Dianne Mason
    Dianne Mason
    3 години тому

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  13. Me We
    Me We
    3 години тому

    This is disrespectful

  14. dumb dalia
    dumb dalia
    4 години тому

    PLEASEE what the fuck isrhis

  15. Im Gamer
    Im Gamer
    4 години тому

    Ahhhhh noooo this didnt helppp im currently very scared of death even tho im 14 and ive been scared for about a week straight and its affecting my life and this almost triggered a panic attack im trying to accept death but im too scared. im scared of what will happen when i die what will happen to me where will my mind go where will my soul go I need help and ive seen this anxiety hotline thing but idk if i should call of there is someone or something else i can do to not be so scared. Does anyone know how to help me i dont want to worry my mom with this and my girlfriend doesnt know how to help so i dont want to worry her with this so if anyone knows something i can do or try pls tell me. If you actually read all this thank you for your time.

    1. Staghornninja
      3 години тому

      @Barbie yeah i get the oxymoronic vibes, but telling them not to look for advice here is advice in itself lmao

    2. Barbie
      3 години тому

      @Staghornninja how are you going to tell them not to ask for advice and then give them your advice?

    3. Staghornninja
      3 години тому

      chill, and don’t ask for advice in the youtube comments lmao. hotlines are good, maybe try to see a school councillor, and consider talking to your mother about it. it might help. A quote that helps me accept death is “you don’t watch a movie for the ending, you don’t read a book for the last page, and you don’t go for a walk just to come back home. You do it for the experiences that you gather on the way, and you make the most of those experiences.” You’re only 14, death is most likely a long time away for you. Also, consider not watching david dobrik. foot soldier out.

  16. FLUQE
    4 години тому

    Hi I make car videos x

  17. Username Was Taken
    Username Was Taken
    4 години тому

    i dont want to live old i want to die sooner

  18. Just browsing
    Just browsing
    4 години тому

    Talk about back tracking. Let’s throw an old man suit on David and make it okay..... that’s one PR team you got there buddy .

  19. ܡ
    4 години тому

    David's not living this long, sorry to tell ya. I guarantee he gets cancer, not hating just spitting facts.

  20. Jessica Berry
    Jessica Berry
    4 години тому

    This is so AMAZING David!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

  21. RayVandy
    4 години тому

    “Someday we’re gonna be super f*cking old” - Nick (Jonah) Antonyan

  22. TheyHateRumdoog
    4 години тому

    is that dababy

  23. Matt Bomberger
    Matt Bomberger
    4 години тому

  24. Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
    Raul Encarnacion Aguilar Gonzales
    4 години тому

  25. Flo Drolly ツ
    Flo Drolly ツ
    4 години тому

    I thought it was some random granpa LMAO until he laughed

  26. Positive Emotional Healing
    Positive Emotional Healing
    4 години тому

    💖💝💝💝If you are reading this comment: BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝

  27. SneezedOnByMalls
    4 години тому

    Subscribe to NadNapz ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  28. StrikoFN
    4 години тому

    That was good and sad at the same time!

  29. Saul Ortiz
    Saul Ortiz
    4 години тому

    Just realized David is the old guy

  30. Thomas Adam Weston
    Thomas Adam Weston
    4 години тому

    What song is this?? Does anyone know? Really beautiful music :)

  31. John Haynes
    John Haynes
    4 години тому

    David dobrick is still a fudging horrible person.

  32. PixelStacker
    4 години тому

    1 day ago surely!

  33. BoniBon 666
    BoniBon 666
    4 години тому

    Bruhhh wtf it took me a while to realize it's David

  34. Rory Moscrop
    Rory Moscrop
    4 години тому

    Ye but what is it

  35. LuckyPeople People
    LuckyPeople People
    4 години тому

    it looks like i sleep 2021 and i woke up 2071 damn did i sleep las 51 years

  36. Kamil Siborenko
    Kamil Siborenko
    4 години тому

    dude my ads last longer then that video

  37. RunMarvinTV
    4 години тому

    we all know he’ll be bald by that age

  38. MHJL
    4 години тому

    Saw the first shot and thought it was just gonna be pics of Natalie and Todd lmao

  39. Mobieljoy
    4 години тому

    This is honestly cute as fuck

  40. dorcia723
    4 години тому

    The only proper reaction is WTF🤣 But it's dope 😀

  41. Mad’ S
    Mad’ S
    4 години тому

    I first I thought it was some random old guy . But then I saw the guys simple smile and realized it was David . David’s teeth have a very ... how do I say this is a nice way ... Very ... Specific shape and way the sit . That’s how I could tell lol .

  42. anthony eduarte
    anthony eduarte
    4 години тому

    The joyous punch unexplainably tick because asphalt intrahepatically wish near a lying invoice. talented, snobbish security

  43. Average User
    Average User
    4 години тому

    David looking kinda cute still.

  44. binto
    4 години тому

    i just realized that was david with a mask on lol

  45. Leah Floysvik
    Leah Floysvik
    4 години тому

    is he ok...

  46. Kate Bigelow
    Kate Bigelow
    4 години тому

    david this made me cryyyy, never get old please

  47. random User
    random User
    4 години тому

    It's the future because everything is white in the future? Lets hope we don't become bland and colorless as we get older.

  48. Christopher Hyde
    Christopher Hyde
    4 години тому

    Da hell????

  49. Pu55y D3str0y3r
    Pu55y D3str0y3r
    4 години тому

    Imagine this is actually David now, and he’s being posting the videos he recorded with his friends from years ago😳

  50. MsHelloWorldtv
    4 години тому

    Oh let's just put out a sweet video the people will forget all about it. Not!

  51. The Real Senior
    The Real Senior
    4 години тому

    Wholesome and just beautiful.. Nicely done David

  52. Molly Christenson
    Molly Christenson
    4 години тому

    Love this so much

  53. Marta Vela
    Marta Vela
    4 години тому

    tf did i just witnessed?!

  54. Lana Boo
    Lana Boo
    4 години тому

    Yeah so you trying to distract your fans from the real issue going on here. Smh. All that money and no accountability

  55. Iyon Tolbert
    Iyon Tolbert
    4 години тому

  56. brooke marcie
    brooke marcie
    4 години тому

    Thanks for making me cry x

  57. Emily McAdam
    Emily McAdam
    4 години тому

    This ad is creeping me out a little

  58. Bradley Bacon
    Bradley Bacon
    4 години тому

    That ad felt like a superbowl ad

  59. FarwayCube 916
    FarwayCube 916
    4 години тому

    I cant believe this day is actually gonna come.

  60. Evan Go.
    Evan Go.
    4 години тому

    David who’s that random kid, cuz we know you ain’t got a gf

  61. yokluee
    4 години тому

    8,000$ just for the hair!

  62. Es Last
    Es Last
    4 години тому

    I hope they make the App for Android too

  63. Kaitlyn Wardlow
    Kaitlyn Wardlow
    4 години тому

    why did i cry

  64. Tobias Blankensteiner Christiansen
    Tobias Blankensteiner Christiansen
    4 години тому

    Please make it for Android

  65. chela chela
    chela chela
    4 години тому

    Disgusting human being you can't S A pple, in case you didn't know.

  66. isabella dovalina
    isabella dovalina
    4 години тому

    POV; David is 60 and still hasn’t apologized to all the people he’s humiliated and SA’d. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  67. Ash Bash
    Ash Bash
    4 години тому

    This is weird but so cute

  68. Anjeli Hernandez
    Anjeli Hernandez
    4 години тому

    tell me why i cried

  69. Anjeli Hernandez
    Anjeli Hernandez
    4 години тому

    this had NO reason to be so sad

  70. Asteria Cosmica
    Asteria Cosmica
    4 години тому

    Omg him crying is so emotional lol so sad

  71. George Ntapalis
    George Ntapalis
    4 години тому

    Lol I like David, but this video is ironically funny considering we have all been hearing how bad he treats his "friends" I personally think that it's an even exchange. They get money and clout, he gets content. Still, this is funny

  72. Berni Agustin
    Berni Agustin
    4 години тому

    Sucks not having Jason around anymore huh that’s what you get😂

  73. Motlatsi Brian Sebapole
    Motlatsi Brian Sebapole
    5 годин тому

    I wish he would have gone through a picture of him and Liza. That would have been sweet

  74. Bianca Yepez
    Bianca Yepez
    5 годин тому

    I’m sobbing

  75. Nicholas Paradies
    Nicholas Paradies
    5 годин тому

    So the future you had kids with corina. Your kids had kids and that was the result. Lol the boy is blonde for a reason

  76. Ultra Seven
    Ultra Seven
    5 годин тому

    Is this after you got out of jail? Did you grow up mentally or just physically? These are important questions.

  77. Caitie E
    Caitie E
    5 годин тому

    David crying at a picture of Liza! Lol

  78. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  79. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  80. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  81. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  82. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  83. Tank G
    Tank G
    5 годин тому

    I feel like David was genuinely crying

  84. grace keav
    grace keav
    5 годин тому


  85. Sarah Meserve
    Sarah Meserve
    5 годин тому

    Why am I crying?

  86. Ay_m_01
    5 годин тому

    Hwo did they do that makeup on David

  87. Three of them Thangs?
    Three of them Thangs?
    5 годин тому

    Pretty hilarious that this is on Trending 😂😂

  88. Tuukka40
    5 годин тому

    I fucking miss fucking vlogs

  89. HydroS
    5 годин тому

    Anyone know the song name?

  90. Nicole Kelley
    Nicole Kelley
    5 годин тому

    this is great but where’s the vlog

  91. OkChig
    5 годин тому


  92. RU HIGH
    5 годин тому

    Brought a tear to my eye, beautifully done good sir.

  93. YouTube YouTube
    YouTube YouTube
    5 годин тому

    How is this an app

  94. Robinsizzle
    5 годин тому

    This is creepy af.

  95. Unga Bunga
    Unga Bunga
    5 годин тому

    Hey this isnt a funny video wtf man

  96. Neil Slotnick
    Neil Slotnick
    5 годин тому

    How is it possible that this David Dobrik ad shows the importance of being alive better than anything I learned at school

  97. Nintendo DS
    Nintendo DS
    5 годин тому

    I guess people are just going to forget and pretend it never happened ?

    1. LVZ
      5 годин тому

      What happened?

  98. Greatplay
    5 годин тому

    Beautiful ♡

  99. Ahad.
    5 годин тому

    Davids gonna make me act up

    5 годин тому

    lol someone gave this guy a box of pictures and started recording in his face, how ruthless lmaao